• How do I contact customer service?
For order status or general questions, contact the Calendar Coop Center at 800-833-8136. They are open 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. CST.

• Can I order a catalog or samples?
Yes, by calling the Calendar Coop Center at 800-833-8136.

• How do I place my order?
There are 5 easy ways to order:
• On this site
• Call 800-833-8136
• Fax completed order form to 800-206-2977
• Email completed order form to seart@calendarcs.com
• Mail completed order form to CU Calendar Program, 1000 3rd Ave SW, Sleepy Eye, MN 56085

• Is there a minimum order quantity?
Yes, the minimum order quantity is the lowest quantity price point listed in the catalog.
Wall calendars can be ordered with an absolute minimum of 50 units and a $40 less-than-minimum charge.
With the exception of Mix-N-Match, calendar styles cannot be combined to reach the minimum order quantity or for total quantity price.

• Is there a deadline to place my order?
There is no order deadline. Orders can be placed throughout January of the next year and will be accepted based on inventory. Styles usually begin selling out in November.
Please remember to give your order enough lead-time to be processed in time for the delivery date you’d like.

Production and Inventory

• What is the lead-time for orders?
Calendars will be completed and shipped approximately 3 weeks from receipt of your order or approved proof (if applicable).

• Are all calendar styles available until the end of the year?
Inventory is not guaranteed after November 1 of the current year.


• How are calendars shipped?
Your order will ship from Minnesota, via UPS ground (including AK, HI and PR) unless you request otherwise.

• Can I delay shipment of my order?
Delayed shipment is available upon request and at no additional charge. However, by requesting this service you accept that ownership will transfer when calendars are printed and your order will be invoiced immediately with payment due in 30 days from invoice date.
Orders are produced at the time of receipt and will be placed into storage until the requested ship date.
If it is necessary to remove an order from storage prior to the ship date, a $72 charge per item will apply.

• Do you offer drop shipment services to each of my branches?
Yes, drop shipments are available at a charge of $10 per calendar style per additional shipping address. If you would like drop shipments, please contact customer service to place your order. All imprints must be the same for the order.


• Will I receive a proof of my order?
Indicate on the order form if you’d like a proof. We reserve the right to proof large orders. An additional 4 business days are necessary for proofing.

• How do I know what logos I can use on my imprint?
The Collective Service Mark is available for use by affiliated credit unions.
The America’s Credit Unions logo can be used by all credit unions.

• Where do I send art for my imprint?
A vector-based artwork file can be sent electronically to seart@calendarcs.com. Please enter your CU name and CU ID number in the subject field.
Preferred file formats are vector based .pdf, .eps or .ai. If your logo artwork requires special fonts, please include all fonts needed.

• Can I customize the inside back cover of my calendars?
The inside back cover of several wall calendar styles can be customized with your credit union’s information for a fee of $25 per order.
Customized inside back covers are available on all wall styles except the American Splendor with monthly pocket.

• Can I print my imprint in color?
For an additional $0.17 per calendar, display your imprint in full-color.
Available on all calendars except stick ups.
Color imprints are free on calendar cards.


• Will I receive a total once my online order is placed?
The total cost of your order is not calculated until it’s shipped. You will, however, receive an order acknowledgment via email once your online order has been placed.

• Are shipping charges included in the calendar prices?
No, actual freight charges will be shown on your invoice.

• How do I pay for my order?
The Calendar Coop Center will invoice you as soon as your order is printed.
Shipping/handling charges and applicable sales tax will be added to your invoice.
Payment due net 30 from invoice date.