Value of Calendars

How Calendars Add Value to Your Marketing Plan

Grow Your Membership

A unique leave-behind piece, and one that will be utilized, calendars offer your credit union daily exposure to potential members. No matter your field of membership, there are ample opportunities to build your brand recognition and drive membership at:

  • Current and prospect SEGs
  • Community events
  • School activities
  • Annual meetings
  • International Credit Union Day Celebrations

Everyday Influence

Studies show calendars make an impression on consumers*:

  • 79% of consumers have at least one printed calendar in their home. Shouldn’t it be from your credit union and not a b-a-n-k?
  • 41% of consumers referred a friend to the business that gave them a calendar. Calendars are a great tool that builds word of mouth advertising.
  • 80% of consumers used their wall calendar every day; only 32% use their computer calendar daily. Calendars provide targeted marketing and are highly visible.

Placing a calendar on members’ walls makes your message part of their daily lives, with the average user referring to a calendar eight to 12 times daily for more than 4,000 impressions each year.

Get More for Your Money

Ashgrove Marketing offers unique calendars that add value to your investment.

  • Credit union exclusive calendars offer financial tips or explain the credit union difference with fresh ideas each month.
  • Volume pricing applies to all orders, regardless of the quantity your credit union orders. You benefit from calendar purchases made by participating credit unions nationwide.
  • Appealing designs are printed in the U.S. by North America’s largest calendar provider. Many major national brands share our supplier.
  • Credit unions say our calendars make a lasting impression.

Hear From Other Credit Unions

“For years now, we have ordered our calendars from (a competitor). I received one of your emails and decided it was time for a change. Since we received the calendars, we have heard nothing but great things from our members. They really like them much better. We will be sure to order from you from now on. Thank you for making a difference with our members.”
–Alcose Credit Union

“Our members are happy with the designs. Based on what we used to spend on calendars by purchasing them elsewhere, you have saved us a bundle each year! Thank YOU for your efforts in saving us money while providing an exceptional product to offer our members!”
–Simplot Employees Credit Union

*Source: A Study of Calendar Usage in U.S. Households